America has always been the pillar of excellence, the summa cum laude student, the values-driven leader —the exemplification of an idea brought to life through uncompromising expression.

And now we’re getting our ass handed to us —humbled to the bone as we stumble around the ring aimlessly as blood drips off our lip with our left eye shut.

Let me explain:

Every morning, I hit the trails out here in Arizona —my all-in-one habit stacking routine to create clarity, peace and emotional freedom.

And during the last six months —the flag has been at half-mast more often than it has been at full mast.

Furthermore, it has been perpetually quiet.

And I believe what has transpired in this country —systematic injustice, the pandemic, the dissolving of the American Dream and our status amongst the globe is a rock bottom moment.

In other words, America is humbled for once.

As you and I have experienced, during these times:

We are in deep emotional pain.
We are in deep existential crisis.
We are in deep collective suffering.

While painful, intense and a feeling like it will never end:

The valley is where we grow.
The valley is where we learn.
The valley is where we expand.

I believe America is in a valley to the likes it has never seen before —and it is a moment of reckoning.

Will we drop the ego, admit our faults —and choose to transform?

Or will we revert back to our old ways and stubbornly hold our ground and try to reignite a past that doesn’t exist?

What I respect about America is that it has always been an idea —the country was built around this idea.

(Some of these ideas are currently being questioned —just like in our lives, to see if who we say we are is who we really are.)

That is what makes us special.

What I dislike about America is that people will slam others as unpatriotic if you question such an idea or aim to refine it.

And the reality is:

Ideas are supposed to be questioned, explored and examined —so a new iteration can come to life.

Otherwise, we live in an echo chamber.
Otherwise, we believe our own bullshit.
Otherwise, we rob ourselves of adaptation.

(The inability to create a safe space to question ideas is the downfall to civilizations, companies, organizations and families.)

Like our individual growth —I believe this can go one of two ways:

  • One —we drop the ego, take inventory of the gap between who we say we are and who we actually are and start to chart a new course.
  • Two —we defend the ego, we continue to deny our deep-rooted issues, we practice more divisiveness and revert back to an illusion of the past.

As I always say:

Radical honesty is the first step towards enduring transformation.

(This applies to individuals, organizations and countries.)


I am deeply concerned about our state.
I am deeply concerned about our wellbeing.
I am deeply concerned about our divisiveness.

I can feel other people’s pain, the inability to find the nuance in a constantly polarized world that profits off the very divide it claims to want to fix.

(I’m looking you square in the eye —faux leaders, media conglomerates, lobbyists turned politicians and Silicon Valley.)

And I hope that the suffering we have all experienced can be the fertile ground of an idea that has evolved.

Otherwise, we’re not going to last.

America —you’re in the depths of the valley and are blind to anything except for the six inches in front of you.

Don’t miss this chance, or we all lose.

I believe we all can —and should —do our part.

Get out and vote today.

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