Adaptation is a motherf*cker.

This mechanism swallows up dreams, makes us chase ‘shadow’ careers and leads to the pain of untapped potential that stings like The Rock’s crappy tequila.

Now, let me explain —because one of the most potent parts of being a human being is our ability to adapt:

Adapt to change.
Adapt to challenges.
Adapt to new normals.

However, adaptation also has a dark side —that is quite common:

  • You can adapt to what you don’t want.
  • You can adapt to a painful circumstance.
  • You can adapt to a life that’s not working.

We’ve all been there, right?

We got the 9-5 gig that clearly wasn’t in alignment —and we talked ourselves into it for the security of bi-weekly Chase deposits and killer dental.

We promised ourselves we’d stay only 90 days and our urgency was high: we actively reached out to recruiters, searched for new gigs and even worked on the side hustle.


Until we adapted to our routine.
Until we adapted to our commute.
Until we adapted to our co-workers.
Until we adapted to our bank deposits.
Until we adapted to our sense of security.
Until we adapted to our cute LinkedIn profiles.

And then, seven years later, with the stakes much higher because we have a family to feed and mortgage to pay: we find ourselves more stuck than ever.

Now, surely:

You can still change —but it takes a colossal effort upstream and the ego will claw to keep you in the comfortable discomfort you’ve created.

So, what’s a better way?

Use adaptation for the superpower it can be —by constantly seeking challenges towards what you actually want:

Use adaptation to challenge yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually —and with your craft towards your North Star.

But most importantly:

Don’t let time kill your urgency to make the change —and learn to listen to those whispers when they’re faint.

  • “This isn’t quite right, Maria.”
  • “You’re not meant for this, Steve.”
  • “Joel, you need to leave this city.”

Listen to those whispers like your life depends on it, like your future depends on it, like the life force energy emanating from the deepest part of yourself depends on it —because guess what?

It does.

We’ve all met the person who’s adapted to a life they can’t wait to escape from, using consumerism to mask the pain of untapped potential.

Yes, adaptation is a motherf*cker.

But it can be the most beautiful one of them all —if we use it wisely.

Use it wisely or pay the ultimate price.