Oh, your coach held you accountable and now you’re triggered and quitting the program?

That’s so cute —here’s the deal:

Everyone loves the idea of accountability until they’re punched in the face with it —and the ego starts to come up with random excuses.

Here’s the deal:

Accountability is a form of caring.
Accountability is a form of respect.
Accountability is a form of real talk.

And if you do it right —accountability becomes the secret sauce to following through on your word.

But guess what?

The ego will do anything in its power to run away, avoid and ignore accountability.


Because it doesn’t want you to grow.
Because it doesn’t want you to expand.
Because it doesn’t want you to flourish.

If it had its way:

It’d keep you stuck for months, years and decades on end —spinning your wheels and aimlessly drifting.

Yeah, no thanks.

So, how do you harness accountability?

Drop the ego.

If you’re unwilling to drop the ego, you will never reap the rewards of ruthless accountability toward your best self.

Stare at the numbers.

Numbers don’t lie —they tell a story. Accountability is staring at the numbers objectively without excuses.

Stop running away.

There’s a natural mechanism to run away from being held accountable to protect ourselves from the truth.

Surround yourself with real friends.

Enablers listen to you wax poetic about the shitty boss. Real friends respect you enough not to.

Here’s the reality:

Accountability creates growth.
Accountability creates discipline.
Accountability creates fulfilment.
Accountability creates expansion.
Accountability creates momentum.

And by the way, quit your ‘free’ accountability group —and put yourself on the line.

There are hundreds of ways to be held accountable:

Invest in yourself, compress your deadlines, surround yourself with A players, hire your first employee, make a public declaration.

And while they feel great in the moment —the high will fade and you’ll be left with your process.

What happens after that will determine everything.

Who holds you accountable?

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