In a world where most people have lost their pulse, their ability to dream and the truth of who they are —living a life of vigor is the highest form of success.

Let me explain:

Most people drift through life.
Most people wander through life.
Most people slumber through life.

And when I say most people —I used to do the same:

Because we lost our wonder.
Because we lost our curiosity.
Because we lose our optimism.

For years and years, and even to this day —I’ve been told:

“Tommy, you’re too enthusiastic and optimistic —just wait until one day where that is no longer there.”

And I’ve been waiting for ten years —because I don’t buy into this mindset as I believe:

A life of vigor is cultivated.
A life of passion is cultivated.
A life of intensity is cultivated.
A life of aliveness is cultivated.
A life of gratitude is cultivated.

And ultimately a thriving life is a choice you and I make every single morning when we wake up:

Will we face life head on with all it has to offer us —or will we slip back into the daydream?

Make no mistake:

  • The daydream is living for tomorrow.
  • The daydream is the seduction of easy.
  • The daydream is falling in society’s line.
  • The daydream is choosing the safe path.
  • The daydream is a path of least resistance.

So, how do you live a life of vigor?

Choose it every single day.

A life of vigor is chosen every morning —through a powerful ritual designed to set the tone for the day.

Protect “you” time like it matters.

This special time has the highest leverage for your physical, mental and emotional transformation —protect it.

Harness physical and mental intensity.

You can’t live a life of vigor timid in the corner and not pushing yourself —find ways to leave your comfort zone.

Commit to a craft headfirst.

Instead of dabbling, plunge yourself headfirst into something where you can’t help but access a deeper part of who you are.

Be your own motivation.

Have models, peers and mentors —but be so damn good they can’t ignore you and become your source of motivation.

Here’s the reality:

It’s easy for life to knock us sideways and kick the spirit out of us through hard times, a crippling divorce —or financial struggle.

But none of these are a reason to give up and if you do it right:

These will create vigor.
These will create clarity.
These will create purpose.

The way I see it, a life of vigor is success —and the results will come in due time.

What comes to mind when you think of a life of vigor?

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