The six inches between your ears, your mental real estate, is the most precious resource on the planet —and it must be protected like your life depends on it.


Distraction takes over.
Comparison takes over.
Overthinking takes over.

Mix those three together and you’ve got a cocktail of the worst kind —with a vile hangover to match called regret.

The reality is:

Your most precious resource is not money, followers or accolades —it’s your mental real estate and:

Let’s dive into 9 ways to protect your mental real estate.

Have a vivid aim.

Without a compelling horizon, something to aim for, a compass pointing you in the right direction —nothing will work.

Identify your ‘Big 3’.

With the above in mind, ask yourself: what priorities can I work towards during the next 90 days that will create progress?

Own the calendar.

With these two pillars complete —it’s time to own your calendar. Most people hate their calendar because it represents someone else’s vision.

Be unavailable.

If you’re one Tweet away, can you be trusted to do the work that matters? Put the phone on Airplane mode. Shut the door. Set an auto-responder up.

Delete all notifications.

Don’t wait —delete all notifications and don’t let your mental real estate be controlled by Zucks, Bezos and breaking news cycles.

Don’t check email.

Would you rather be the best of all time at ‘inbox zero’ —or create work that fulfills you and makes an impact? Limit email to twice a day.

Invest in big projects.

You did a morning ritual, aligned chakras, listened to Tony —and then created an Instagram post? Use this energy for bigger projects that matter.

Curate your relationships.

Set boundaries. Ask yourself —did this interaction make me feel more inspired, or less? Gossip and negative energy will suck your life force away.

Invest in accountability.

Who in your corner believes in you? Who in your corner pushes you to dream bigger and step up? This is worth its weight in gold.


You are in control of your inputs.
You are in control of your attitude.
You are in control of your mindset.
You are in control of your behaviors.
You are in control of your daily work.

Don’t leave your mental real estate to chance.

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