“I’m writing a book in 2021!”

No, you’re not.

“I’m doing a half-marathon this year!”

No, you’re not.

“I’m quitting my 9-5 and doubling my income!”

No, you’re not.

Now, it’s not that I don’t want these to happen for you —it’s that 92% of resolutions never come to life.

(I wrote a whole book about why a calendar digit does nothing to change human behavior here.)

And during this time of the year:

It’s easy to talk a big game.
It’s easy to declare on social.
It’s easy to make big promises.

But the ‘high’ of setting the goal will fade faster than you think and all the old mindsets, habits and excuses from the past will override them.

So, what’s a better way?

Do a one year visualization.

Close your eyes and take yourself to one year down the road —tap deeply into the specific results and feelings you want to experience.

Reverse engineer to 90 days.

With this yearly North Star in mind, ask yourself —what would have to happen 90 days from now for you to feel like it’s coming true?

Set outcomes, detail processes.

With your outcome in mind, focus on processes. To run a marathon you’ll need four training sessions a week, meal prep every Sunday and hire a running coach.

Tackle the 1% action step daily.

Identify the 1% domino from the processes above that you can do every single day that makes you tap into progress.

(Learn more about The 1% Rule book here.)

Enter thriving environments.

If you want to make $8k a month as an entrepreneur and are hanging out with $30k a year employees—it won’t happen. Surround yourself with people who have normalized your goal.

Hire a coach, mentor or guide.

Don’t bother if you’re going to roll solo —I’m serious about this one: this is the ultimate insurance policy against your blind spots and helps you to collapse your vision.

Here’s the truth:

Your dream income is out there.

(Someone is already creating it doing what you love.)

Your North Star is already out there.

(Someone is living and breathing it every single day.)

Your goals and ambitions are out there.

(Someone is living those and feeling alive as they do.)

So why aren’t you?

Give yourself permission to own your desire —and make this the year you stopped justifying or playing down what you’re about.

  • We need you at full tilt.
  • We need you at full throttle.
  • We need you at full audacity.

Lean in when there’s resistance, make the pitch before you feel ready —and double your price right before you send the proposal.

It takes nearly the same energy to grow ten percent than it does to triple your outcomes.

  • Why not you?
  • Why not now?
  • Why not today?

(Seriously, I am challenging you reading this to answer those questions.)

Otherwise —it’s easy to adapt to what we don’t want and stay the same until regret spits us out into existential abyss.

What are you bringing to life in 2021?

Post to comments —and I’ll hold you accountable.