There’s a simple, tangible, done-for-you way to 10X your audience in 2021 and grab a slice of success —in these specific steps:

Consume endless media —and get radicalized.

Pick a side and seek to be as polarizing as you can.

Surround yourself in an echo chamber of same ideas.

Make everything —and I mean everything —political.

Support conspiracies, misinformation and toxic gossip.

Add fuel to the fire —the more extreme…the better it is.

‘Mute’ anyone who doesn’t agree and cast as ‘haters.’

No, really…I’m serious —this works.

Here’s the reality:

  • It takes discipline to stay grounded.
  • It takes discipline to stay on message.
  • It takes discipline to stay in your lane.

And ultimately —it takes discipline not to spew vitriol and a litany of toxic energy.

The fact is:

Tons of smart, talented, skilled people —have taken the path of least resistance.

I’ve seen:

  • Personal growth podcasts turn into conspiratorial ladmines.
  • Spiritual influencers morph into radicalized YouTube junkies.
  • Powerful entrepreneurs turn into 24/7 political commentators.

And if this lights you up, then more power to you —but I’ll be honest:

You’re part of the toxicity.
You’re part of the problem.
You’re part of the division.

Recently, I had lunch with a friend, a counsel, a mentor of mine and he told me:

“Tommy, the most impressive thing I’ve seen that you’ve stayed true to who you are —and not taken the path others have.”

And it was the best compliment I could have gotten.


Because he recognized the path of staying true to yourself and grounded during these times —takes tremendous discipline.

(The sad reality is being grounded and empathetic is now a courageous act.)

Make no mistake:

You can 10X your audience and be running a Facebook group of 9,000 people in a matter of weeks.

The question is:

What is the endgame?

What are you contributing?

What side of history will you be on?

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