During the last 11 years, I’ve lit myself on fire and pursued growth full tilt —physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and entrepreneurial.

I’ve devoured wisdom, hired life-changing mentors, invested tens of thousands of dollars and spent time with Buddhist, sages and monks.

I’ve been dumped in the Pacific Ocean blindfolded, trained with the people who built the Adonis of the movie 300 —and put myself on the line until I couldn’t breathe.

Today, I wanted to take a step back and share some of the wisdom I’ve been blessed to learn and integrate with you.

Here are 10 lessons from transformation during the last 11 years:

Growth is messy, chaotic, unpredictable AF.

No, it is never linear —some seasons will be plodding, others will be exponential. There will be peaks, plateaus and valleys. Once you accept this, you’ll dig deeper and stop complaining

You’ll never feel “ready” to pursue what matters.

Readiness is a myth designed by the ego to keep you stuck. There will never be enough time, money or energy. The ego will always find an excuse, until the idea you had fades away for good.

Fear of judgement is a reflection of your own doubts.

You’re not afraid of what your parents, co-worker or troll on Twitter thinks —you’re afraid of your own judgement. You’re going to be judged no matter what you do, so you may as well get over yourself now.

Transformation starts with staring nakedly at ourselves.

This is step number one —not walking on fire to EDM music or bear-hugging Eddie from CVS who found his passion too. While everyone sells you possibility, few people help you get radically honest first.

Discipline is easy when you’ve amplified your desire daily.

You’re already disciplined…if you have a burning, do-or-die desire. So instead of looking for the next discipline ‘hack’ —tap into your North Star Vision so deeply that it breathes life into every fiber of your being.

Success is about small steps no one else sees, compounded.

You’d be bored stiff hanging out with Taylor Swift while she creates. You’d want to nap after hanging out with a Navy Seal on a Wednesday afternoon. Success is not about highlight reels, it is about what you do in the dark when no one cares.

You can’t run, hide, or achieve enough to escape the inner work.

Sorry, this work will come back to haunt you —may as well do it now. What is the inner work? Simple: knowing who you are, what makes you take, taking care of your wounds, traumas, blind spots.

Success is an emotional state of aliveness —that can be created.

If you can’t feel ‘successful’ at $30,000 or $50,000…you won’t at $500,000. Do you really think a piece of paper with a dead President’s picture will actually change your emotional state? Seriously now.

Not everyone has earned the right to know your deepest dreams.

Be careful —the world is full of dreamkillers who gave up on theirs too. The bad news is they may be living in your own house. Tell a few, trusted people who have your back and want to see you succeed at the highest level. Then go do the work.

Indecision is a momentum killer and creates an overthinking habit.

You already know what to do, but every second you wait is a missed shot. Fear loves to create space, time and distance between you and executing —so make sure you make a decision. Even if it’s the ‘wrong’ one, you’ll have more momentum than sitting on the sidelines.

So, there you have it.

These 10 lessons from transformation were learned by doing the messy, intense, yet beautiful work we call personal growth.

They weren’t found sipping kale cocktails and philosophizing…they were learned on the front lines of this experience we call life.

Right now, you’re on your own path —and I wanted to share these lessons to help you.

Which of the 10 lessons from transformation connected with you today?

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