Taco Enthusiast.

Hey, I’m Tommy Baker —writer, action philosopher and taco enthusiast.

Every day, I wake up excited to tackle one question:

How do you craft a life raptured by meaning —with rousing fulfillment and unparalleled achievement?

I believe we are here to live on the razor’s edge, to ‘drive life into a corner’ as Thoreau once stated; to arrive at our days knowing we played full tilt.

Everything on this blog centers back to that question —through human behavior, psychology, neuroscience, philosophy and spirituality.

(I’m the nerd here, let’s get it out of the way.)

On my podcast Resist Average —I’ve interviewed visionaries, creatives, disruptors and those living an unconventional life to extract the wisdom of a life well lived.

But at the nectar of what I do is writing.

(Some of my books include UnResolution, The 1% Rule, and The Leap Of Your Life.)

I created this stand-alone site to showcase my daily posts thousands have loved to read during the last seven years.

All in one place.

I’ve been told these posts have made people cry, laugh, and make life changes so vast they didn’t recognize themselves.

Best of all, most of these daily posts can be read in less than five minutes.

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