You won’t find your soulmate on Tinder.

You won’t create a $100K funnel after reading Expert Secrets.

You won’t be spiritually on fire after 3 meditation sessions.
(Hate to break it to you, for reals.)

When we live in a world of massive expectations — we set ourselves up for failure.
Sure, there are unicorns in life — but I’m not putting my life on the line for a mystical creature.
We’re living in a world where we want the result — without the process.
The process is where the magic happens, where you stretch yourself, get uncomfortable and you know — experience challenge.

We’re led to believe, and responsible for believing it will all be easy.

I’m all about dreaming big, creating powerful visions, unlocking the possibility — and then putting in the work.
The work isn’t sexy, easy or fun. It’s not supposed to be.
And what I keep noticing time and time again is people who want something — but aren’t willing to commit to the process.
(Hell, I’ve been there countless times.)

→ If you want to find a relationship that sets you on fire — put in the work.

→ If you want to create a thriving, profitable business — put in the work.

→ If you want to feel deeply connected — take the courageous journey within.

There’s no way to slice it.

Sure, you can speed up the process with deep levels of immersion, focus, and intensity — but there’s still a process.

The farmer doesn’t plant the seeds and wake up the next day yelling in frustration as to why the tree hasn’t bloomed.

No, they understand the process — the right amount of sunshine, time, patience, water and allowing the conditions to arise.

But you’ve gotta want it — and fall in love with the process in a world selling you outcomes 24/7.

Otherwise, you’ll quit. So, today — I invite you to lean into the process a little deeper.

It’s there for a reason.