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32 Lessons From 32 Years

Reflection is as important as action in life — especially when you’re pushing the needle of the throttle all the time. Last year, I wrote a post about the lessons I learned throughout the year on my birthday — and here goes another round. It's been a beautiful year —...

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Why Intuition Is Your Superpower

Intuition is your superpower — use it wisely.Without a doubt, the greatest muscle you and I can flex every single day is the one deep within us.It’s the whispering voice rooted deep within that always “knows.”It knows what to do, what to say...

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11 Principles For Success And A Kick Ass Life

Over the past few years, I’ve gone knee deep in what it takes to build success, fulfillment and a kick ass life.Although each of those can be defined differently depending on the individual, I find common threads or what I call universal truths that span all the...

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Increasing Your Capacity For Success

Your ability to achieve your goals is not about how to — it’s about bandwidth. Bandwidth is simply the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual capacity you and I have on a given day. And because it’s limited — it’s up to us to become ruthless with how we use it,...

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Wherever You Are, Be There

I was in Sedona with my girlfriend recently and we were in the beginning stages of our awesome relationship. Sedona is a spiritual mecca of sorts — a work of beauty and a place where people go to achieve higher levels of consciousness, unplug or do some type of...

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Overnight Success Is A Liar (And Why This Helps You)

Extracting 3 lessons from every success story to empower you to kick ass.They somehow came out of nowhere, didn’t they?Right place at the right time, a matter of luck, a brilliant stroke of serendipity.Whether it’s an athlete taking the world by storm or...

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Why Letting Go Will Change Your Life

How deep transformation is always on the other side of painful change. Let’s face it, we’ve all held on for way too long… Maybe it was a relationship, a stepping stone in our career that became a prison or a way of being that we simply started to think it was who we...

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