Your ability to achieve your goals is not about how to — it’s about bandwidth.

Bandwidth is simply the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual capacity you and I have on a given day.

And because it’s limited — it’s up to us to become ruthless with how we use it, while incorporating practices to maintain or increase it.

Because here’s the deal:

If you’re reading this, you’re probably running low on bandwidth.

You know you want something greater for your life — yet continue to feel stuck and unable to move forward.

I get it, I’ve been there.

And I want you to know:

It’s likely not about the how, or the skills you need — it’s a matter of bandwidth and having enough energy, clarity and focus to follow through.

So, how do we maximize this bandwidth?

Below, I’ll share the 3 ways we make this happen to maximize your bandwidth and get you on the right path.


Simple — when I start with my clients we don’t make the mistake most coaches and consultants do.

Which is, instead of adding more habits, tasks and routines on a stuffed foundation — we start with deletion.

Right now, there are activities, initiatives, people, places, habits and environments crushing your bandwidth — and leaving you scattered and spent.

Delete 20% off your plate right now — and create space for more.


Once we’ve created space — we must get clear on where we’re going. Putting yourself in an environment where you’re crystal clear on where you’re headed…

….allows you to make fast decisions that give you energy —not take it away.

Otherwise, we’re saying “yes” to nearly everything, and draining ourselves.


With the two pillars in place, it’s crucial to find the one domino — or keystone habit to maximize your capacity on a daily basis.

For most, this is a powerful morning ritual that sets their day up for massive success — instead of starting full of negativity, emails and useless tasks.

The right morning ritual will not only maximize your bandwidth — it gets you hyper clear on how to use it the rest of the day, so as decisions become easy.

There is no doubt implementing these three will have you level up your game — and have more capacity for the shit that truly matters to you.

Which one could you use more of?

Identify it — and execute on it.