In March of 2016, I published UnResolution: How to Ditch Resolutions Forever, Live Life by Design, and Achieve Your Dreams.

This was designed to help you break free from the resolution mindset — and create the change you’ve been waiting a calendar year for.

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If you’ve resonated with anything on this site and you’re still here — the Resist Average Academy podcast was made for you.

Combining immersive, deep conversations where I extract the best of the best from inspiring guests, we create two weekly episodes.

Unlike other podcasts, I don’t follow a script and don’t simply bow down to guests — we go deep into the rabbit hole and have real conversations designed to give you:

  • Knowledge.
  • Inspiration.
  • Execution.

…no matter what you’re looking to create in your life.


Access to inspiring and empowering information changed my life — yet I’ve realized many times it’s only a start.

To create transformation that lasts, I believe we have to include ruthless levels of accountability, support and challenge, mentorship and perspective.

Enter my breakthrough coaching and consulting 1-1 programs and Academy Intensive Mastermind experiences.

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