Reflection is as important as action in life — especially when you’re pushing the needle of the throttle all the time. Last year, I wrote a post about the lessons I learned throughout the year on my birthday — and here goes another round.

It’s been a beautiful year — and here are the lessons I’ve learned:

1. Conditional living, i.e. when I get [insert external object or validation] then I’ll be happy, excited and inspired — is no way to live.

2. The fastest way to fall in love with your life is to take responsibility for absolutely everything, because then you have the power to transform it.

3. You won’t remember the big moments on top of your “peak” — you’ll remember the moments you persisted when you wanted to give up.

4. Question everything — although remember there’s a fine line between a skeptic and a cynic.

5. You can accomplish anything if you commit to 1% every single day.

6. Fear is the proof you’re growing and living a life on fire — you should worry if you’re not constantly experiencing it.

7. Everyone in the world needs accountability, and the better you get — the more you better have.

8. Singing in your car at full tilt is therapeutic, do it at least once a day.

9. Hold the tension for one more second — there’s magic in looking someone in the eye and simply “being” instead of filling empty space.

10. Sprint until your lungs bleed — and visualize your target as all your dreams.

11. Your emotions don’t make you less worthy, they make you more worthy in life. Get to know them and honor them.

12. Your first impression about someone is usually right, especially if you know who you are.

13. Delete more of your life — to create space for those who are attracted to the new version of you.

14. Don’t take life too seriously and laugh at yourself once a day — you’ll learn this quick at improv class.

15. Lean into your edge every single day, go beyond what you feel is comfortable mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

16. There is nothing a good cry and a fresh rom-com can’t fix. Let those tears flow, or else they’ll stay trapped inside.

17. Take the “wrong” route home, a random road trip, sneak into a hotel — break your routine.

18. Your environment is a reminder of who you’ve been. Change it every time you level up.

19. Jumping out of an airplane is liberating — because you realize all your fears are bullshit.

20. Recognize the people who are still around when you’re down for the count.

21. Learn to love being the rookie with any new skills, and persist until it starts to become fun.

22. It will all be over soon.

23. Mastering communication (audio, written, video, in-person) makes you invaluable to any marketplace.

24. The most powerful relationship in your life starts with the person looking back at you in the mirror every morning.

25. There is nothing better than live music, a cold beer and your partner in crime.

26. Enthusiasm for life is created every single day.

27. If you scroll through your social feed, your phone and texts and you’re not inspired — that’s on you.

28. Writing a book isn’t hard, it’s sustaining a long-term goal that becomes difficult. Learn to love the process.

29. Shipping your message is worth it when you wake up to messages from Germany and Japan thanking you from the bottom of their heart.

30. To lead others, you better be living a life they’re inspired by.

31. Tell someone how you really feel every day — it may be your last chance.

32. The greatest moment of your life is the one where you realize you are capable of anything you want to create.

Well, there you have it…what an epic journey this year has been — inspiring, challenging, abundant and everything in between. Hopefully you resonated with the above — because a year is enough for a lifetime of lessons.

Here’s to the next.