Hey, I’m Tommy.

Hi I'm Tommy Baker - Welcome To My Blog

I’m obsessed with writing, podcasting, pushing my mind, body, and spirit to their thresholds — and singing really loud in my car at times.

(I know you do too, at least that last part.)

But seriously — I’m an obsessive student of the game of life, and I spend countless hours studying what makes us in the realms of human behavior, psychology, neuroscience, personal development and spiritually.

On my podcast, I interview some of the world’s most successful and visionary people — including entrepreneurs, athletes, disruptors and spiritual teachers to reveal the mindsets and skillsets associated with a deep level of fulfillment and incredible achievement.

But at the end of the day, I’m a writer. And this page is all about my writing — distilling the knowledge I’ve been blessed to learn and pass it on to you.

As one of my mentors once told me:

The best teachers are the best students — and while I don’t have it all figured out, I absolutely love the process.

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You’re busy, you’ve got unlimited stimulus, and you’re probably wondering:

What should I expect from being here, or subscribing to the newsletter?

I get it, and if I had to sum up my mission it would be simple:

I help extract the greatness inside of you that you’ve either ignored, ran away from or disempowered…

…and combine the tenants of achieving your innate human potential — along with incredible levels of fulfillment.

In other words, your life should be fucking awesome.

I’ve spent the last decade taking a journey within — pushing the limit of my discomfort in order to answer the basic questions of why you and I are here and how we can maximize our experience.


I write a lot — and curate the best of the best so you can achieve a powerful perspective in the moments you need one.

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